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Social tools for the digital self

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From our social network to digital identity, we build utility on Arweave.
Designed for your identity on the Permaweb


The account protocol aim to satisfy essential needs for social interactions between users: an avatar, a unique @handle, a name and a bio.
Archiving to Arweave made easy


Archive tweets by commenting with either #save, #archive or #permaweb. An incredibly simple way to get important content on to the Permaweb.
From web3 to web2
All the benefits of web3 and Web2, too combined in a simple and universal notifier for the Pernaweb.

“Amazing to know that I am actually in control on a social media site.”

metaweave publisher

“Not just a new platform with different rulers, but a new and permissionless protocol.”

Sam Williams
Founder of Arweave
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