About Metaweave

Introducing Metaweave

Metaweave is an on-chain

and decentralised social network hosted on arweave’s blockchain.
The fact that the application is fully stored on the blockchain makes it more reliable: it doesn’t depends on any centralized infrastructure to be online and makes it censorship proof because your posts are stored on an immutable storage. It means that even the developers of the app (us) can’t delete what you post here. That’s one of the thing that makes Metaweave an users-owned social network. Here you’re truly responsible of the content you bring.
We care about digitial expression

We are offering the world a media platform

that can be the voice of everyone, permanently.
The new paradigm of web 3 is to be transparent, and that's what we're doing. We aim to provide you a familiar environment with UX based on the standards used by the major platforms that already exist while integrating more features and incentives via the web3 paradigm.
Building with composable ingredients

We've integrated ArConnect for the login, created arweave accounts and used community.xyz for tokens.

A user-owned network. The integration of community.xyz allows you to create a PSC and give away PSTs with voting power on Metaweave. At the moment, those PSTs enable votes for a new banner and description. If you’re interested in the use of communities please check our tutorial here
Arweave pioneers

We're technologists with a vast amount of experience.

From commerce to collaboration.
Our team is growing and well-versed in building decentralized systems. We deeply care about the ability for individuals to own their own data, and to have transparent understanding of what is happening to their information.